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Jonathan Rhodes

Dirt Bundle - 2xCD + Shirt + Tote Bag + Iron-On Patch + Signed Picture

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Can't choose? This bundle gives you a taste of everything. 

  • The Dirt CD
  • An extra copy of Dirt to give to a friend
  • Any T-Shirt
  • The Iron-On Patch
  • The Tote Bag
  • Bonus: a signed picture from a live performance

Dirt is a 5-track EP with sounds ranging from singer-songwriter to up-tempo roots rock. The central theme is the struggle of putting in hard work to create 'something beautiful'. The idea of hard work applies through the ages, but its meaning has changed in our day and age. To reflect this change, the stories on Dirt range from historic fiction to personal accounts, summarized in the liner notes: most treasures are covered in dirt.

🪶 By buying this product, you help me create more music.

🌿 The CD comes in a paper-only wallet, so no unnecessary plastic!

🌿 The Tote Bag is made of 100% fair trade cotton.

🌿 All Jonathan Rhodes shirts are made by Neutral®. Neutral is a market leading producer of sustainable apparel and accessories to the B2B-market.

Neutral® is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the conventional textile industry, witnessing a constant pressure for lower prices at the expense of natural and human resources.

As a result, founders Lars Bech and Christina Larsen have been dedicated to develop a platform for sustainable clothing, manufactured with true respect for people and planet.